Winter Break

It is ten below in the capital today and, let me tell you, I am glad to not be climbing trees. I was caught out in mid-November, when the weather turned from mild to Arctic, seemingly on a dime. I had scheduled a massive Norway Maple removal weeks earlier and was damned if I would miss the appointment, so I piled on the layers and spiked my way skyward. After windchill, the temperature at street level was a balmy -20c. I did my best not to guess the windchill where I was, about 60 feet higher. I was (just) warm enough, but manoeuvring myself around the tree with an additional six layers took some getting used to. Tying knots and pulling ropes with two layers of gloves was tricky to say the least, a bit like building a Lego city with oven mitts. I managed to finish the job, without freezing any of my limbs off, but it’s not an experience I’m eager to repeat. This job is full of risks at the best of times, so adding black ice, frostbite and other winter hazards just isn’t worth it. I miss climbing,

All that is to say I’m glad to be tucked in the back of Bar Robo, busying myself on my computer rather than climbing trees and working chainsaws. As usual, I’ve resumed freelance editing and writing for the winter. I have a few contracts for online marketing and some short stories I’ve been dying to get to. And after a long, busy tree season, I have piles and piles of paperwork to get through.

In a way, I’m grateful for the winter, because it forces me to take a break and refocus. If I could, I would just climb and climb and climb, which would leave many other aspects of the business neglected. Who knew climbing trees would involve so much paperwork? Not this guy.

Anyway, wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying a warm, productive day.

All the best,