Dad’s Passing

Friends and clients, it saddens me to say that my father, mentor and partner, Tim Hanrahan, passed away last week. As some of you already know, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer in the Fall of 2015 and has been fighting it since then. That fight ended last Wednesday. Hopefully, you can take some comfort in knowing he died peacefully in bed and was surrounded by loved ones. I will continue to operate Tim-O-Tree and have every intention of delivering the same excellent service you have come to expect from him.

Dad saw the end coming from a long way off and took full advantage of the time he had left. This past year alone, he went with me and my sisters to Mexico, Alaska and New York City. We went snorkelling together, snapped breathtaking pictures of whales and glaciers, and saw Manhattan from the top of the Empire State Building. While I stayed home to run the business, he drove to Nova Scotia for a family reunion and went skiing with one of my sisters in Whistler. He mentored me on climbing, business administration, truck maintenance and every other imaginable aspect of managing the business. To his very last day, he was preoccupied with ensuring that the trucks were running and that I had everything I needed to hit the ground running in the spring. It fills me with pride that he remained so active and productive throughout his illness.

This is, in more ways than one, a family business. Dad started this company as a way of supporting me and my sisters after he realized his photography business was no longer viable. I first dipped my toes in arboriculture with him when I was a teenager, dragging brush and sending tools up the tree to Dad as he climbed. We later became partners and much of the passion with which he helped me came from knowing that I would become a father in the spring. As he scrambled in his last days to complete errands for the business and I suggested he should relax, he said many times that these things needed to get done so I could provide for my daughter. The vast majority of our clients are families, a fact which informs the care we put into every job. Knowing that the business has always had a family focus, I’m proud to keep it in the family. I am incredibly grateful for the work Dad put into this business and for his tireless efforts to help me in his last months and days.

Rest in Peace pops,

Mason Hanrahan