Tim-O-Tree provides a comprehensive range of arborist consulting services for homeowners, developers, and lawyers. There are several situations where you may require the services of a consulting arborist, including:

  • Tree Removals: The city of Ottawa’s Tree Protection Bylaw requires that you submit a Tree Information Report prior to removing a tree over 30cm in diameter.* We are qualified** to assess a tree and submit a report advocating for its removal.
  • Development: If you are developing a property, your project could be affected by the city of Ottawa’s Tree Protection Bylaw, which protects certain trees on the property you are developing as well as adjacent properties. Before construction can begin, you must submit a Tree Information Report, written by a qualified arborist, which details how construction will affect nearby trees. We have the qualifications to draft these reports as well as the experience to navigate the bureaucratic processes around them.
  • Risk Assessment: There are several situations where you might need the services of a Qualified Tree Risk Assessor. You may have concerns about risk posed by a tree on your property that you value highly and don’t want to remove unless absolutely necessary. We can provide detailed reports on the tree’s condition and risk level so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to keep it. You may also be concerned about risks posed by a neighbour’s tree. In this case, an arborist’s report can assist in persuading the tree’s owner to prune or remove the tree as well as ensure liability attaches in the case of a failure and damage.
  • Civil Litigation: Unfortunately, trees can be the centre of conflict and therefore the subject of litigation. You may be trying to compel a neighbour to remove a dangerous tree or you may be suing a tree’s owner after the tree has damaged your property or caused injuries. We have the experience and skills to analyze tree condition and communicate it in a way that is meaningful and persuasive to legal professionals.

* This applies to areas of the city within the Greenbelt. Outside the Greenbelt, the threshold is 50cm.

** The Tree Protection Bylaw requires that arborists have specific qualifications in order to submit Tree Information Reports. Tim-O-Tree has staff and associates with ISA-Certified Arborist and Qualified Tree Risk Assessor credentials, both of which are recognized by the city.