Tree planting is much harder than it looks. Planting depth, planting hole radius, root ball preparation, soil-tree relationship, and site placement are all crucial considerations that only qualified, experienced arborists can properly account for.

Every season, we see dozens of trees failing to thrive–or worse, dying–because of careless planting practices. When removing dead or dying trees, we often find that burlap bags and steel baskets were left on the root ball, fatally restricting root growth. Even more often, hastily planted trees wind up with girdled roots, which get so tangled that they choke off the tree’s access to water and nutrients.

This basket, along with burlap, was left on an emerald cedar during planting. The tree died within a year; we were hired to remove and replant.
The roots of this mature linden are girdled, likely because of hasty planting. The tree suffers decreased vigour as a result and is more vulnerable to disease.
The root ball of this locust was not prepared prior to planting, resulting in severe girdling. It will likely be dead within a year.

Proper planting practices can mean the difference between a tree that thrives and one that dies within a few years. All our planting staff have completed ISA training on proper tree installation and establishment.

Planting Services

  • Hedge plants: $30 per plant up to 10ft in height (e.g., cedar, yew)
  • Shade trees standard (10-15ft in height): $120
    • This includes digging of planting hole, preparation of root ball, installation of tree, backfilling and staking (if necessary) as well as necessary supplies (e.g., stakes, mulch)
  • Shade trees premium (10-15ft in height): $140
    • This includes all of the above plus:
    • Mycorrhizae: A symbiotic relationship between a fungus and plant which assists in the absorption of nutrients and water from the soil. To learn more about the positive effects of mycchorizae, visit
    • Compost amendment: Compost mixed in the soil will increase the availability of organic matter, improving overall vigour and growth.
  • Delivery: We charge $80 for pickup and delivery of trees. The price is per visit and can include multiple trees.
  • All prices are additional to the cost of the tree, which will vary depending on the species and size.