You should prune a tree when branches are growing over a house, into power lines, or creating stress with neighbours. We prune trees in order to:

  • Remove branches that are obstructing lights, signs or views.
  • Encourage better growth.
  • Achieve better weight distribution in a tree that lacks balance.
  • Reduce the threat of damage to foundations.
  • Prevent damage to vehicles from fallen foliage.

Standing at the base of the tree and looking up, you should see 20% sky. If you can’t, you need to consider thinning out your tree to help it grow healthy and strong. We thin trees in order to:

  •  Improve airflow, which makes a tree less likely to fail as a result of high winds.
  • Reduce a tree’s consumption of water, which can make it more resilient in a drought or in hot summer months.
  • Make a tree more structurally sound. Energy saved by not having to feed as many branches generates more girth in the trunk.
  • Make a tree easier for birds to access. They eat insects that can be potentially harmful to the tree.
  • Discourage rodents, such as raccoons and squirrels, from inhabiting your tree. These animals can harm your tree’s structural strength.
  • Remove dead, dying diseased, crossing or broken branches.