About Us

We are a small, family-owned tree care company based in Ottawa. We focus on delivering high-quality service for tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting, consulting, and hedge trimming.


After working for decades as a commercial photographer and spending countless hours blinking at a computer screen, Tim Hanrahan needed a change. A former Junior-A hockey player, he wanted a career where he could use his body and rediscover the athleticism that had once inspired him as a young man.

After researching outdoor careers, he decided to become a climbing arborist and enrolled in an arboricultural program. He founded Tim-O-Tree upon graduation in 2005, beginning with nothing more than a Volkswagen Jetta and a small trailer. Over the years, he built a loyal client base through word-of-mouth, earning a reputation for clean, courteous and safe service.

As a father of four, Tim’s goal throughout the company’s growth has always been supporting his family. He began working with his son, Mason, in the early 2000s and apprenticed him in trimming, rigging, bracing, and every other aspect of the business. In March 2018, Tim retired and turned the company over to Mason, who continues to operate with the same high standards of safety and service.