Exciting Partnership with Ottawa Farm Fresh

We are proud to announce our partnership with Ottawa Farm Fresh! They are an organic farm just outside Ottawa run by the extraordinary team of Jonathan Bruderlein and Jolianne Demers. Together with their delightful son, Milo, they strive to bring locally-grown produce and education to the community. They believe in using science-based techniques to get big yields while also having a positive impact on the land.

They are fairly new to their farm and the decades of conventional farming practices that preceded them have degraded soil quality and depleted the organic content of the soil. They need massive quantities of organic matter to renew the soil. 

Fortunately, we leave job sites every day with literal truckloads of organic matter—aka, wood chips—that we have very little use for and often have to pay to get rid of. What is a cost for us is a valuable asset for Ottawa Farm Fresh. We are more than happy to contribute these wood chips to the farm, where they decompose and feed the soil fresh organic matter.

In addition to being mutually beneficial, this arrangement has the added benefit of being environmentally responsible. Wood chips are packed full of carbon and mixing them into the soil sequesters this carbon underground. Given that we at Tim-O-Tree rely so heavily on diesel trucks and gas-powered chainsaws, we’re happy to reduce our carbon footprint any way we can. 

Please visit them at https://www.ottawafarmfresh.com/ and learn more about the wonderful veggies they have to offer!