If your tree is dead or hazardous, it will need to be removed.

Your tree may be hazardous if:

  • It is leaning more than 5 degrees.
  • There are holes in the trunk.
  • Sap is leaking.
  • There are splits and cracks in the trunk or major branches.
  • Rodents are living in the tree.
  • If woodpeckers frequent the tree, which indicates that the tree is infested with insects.
  • Previous failures (branches being torn off) have occurred.
  • Mushrooms are growing on the trunk of the tree.

Your tree may be dead or dying if:

  • The top of the tree’s crown is losing leaves early in the season
  • It is not producing leaves
  • Bark is falling off
  • Branches are falling
  • Soil is heaving (i.e., displaced by the roots of a leaning tree)
  • Major roots have been severed

Once you have decided to remove your tree we will climb it, cut and lower branches, then cut the trunk on the way back down. The price to remove a tree depends upon the degree of difficulty, which varies depending on the proximity to houses, wires, fences, sheds and roadways.